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Advantages of Having a US Passport Card
The US passport card is a credit size like card-identification document designed for people who are frequent travelers between US and Canada, Bermuda, Caribbean and Mexico by sea or land. Your passport card contains a radio frequency identification chip and a traditional photograph as well as your personal information similar to the one found in a passport book which are stored in a chip. The chip links your passport card to the records stored in the government databases. You can travel with the US passport card by sea or land from countries like Bermuda, Mexico, Caribbean and Canada but cannot use the card for international travel. If you wish to travel by air then you have to apply for a passport book instead. One advantage of a passport card is that it is less expensive compared to a passport book. Your first passport card will cost you $55 and 40 dollars for children who are under 16 and it is valid for 10 years and five years for children. The renewals will cost you $30. While a traditional passport book costs $135 and the renewal $110, a passport card is much cheaper. Learn more about passport at this website https://www.encyclopedia.com/law/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/passports-and-visas.
Essentially, the US passport card is more convenient. Although an American passport can get you in to 174 countries by land, train, plane, or ship, passport card are smaller, cheaper and more portable. If you are applying for the first time you will use the same form that you may use to apply for a passport book which is either a DS-11 or DS -82. On the form you are supposed to indicate that you are applying for a passport card by checking the appropriate box. Much like when you are applying for a passport book, you are expected to provide documents that will establish you are a US citizen. The process is easy and roughly the same as that of applying for a passport book, learn more here!
To discover more info on US passport card, you can check out the US customs and border protection website now. Read more now on this homepage and learn about the US passport fees. Passport cards are laser engraved and some of the security features like layered art, holograms and the specialized fonts minimize chances of forgery.  Each card has a radio frequency identification chip which instead of storing your personal information contains a unique number linked to the government database, the card is also issued with a protective sleeve preventing your card to be read when not in use, read more now