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On Getting a Passport Card
If you happen to be traveling outside the US, you need to have a passport. This is also needed when you return to the US. There are two options that are available for you: the passport card and the passport book. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of the passport card compared to the passport book. The card is smaller and is handier than the booklet. You can easily place it in your wallet which makes it hard to lose. It also costs half compared to the price paid for the passport booklet.
However there are drawbacks to using the passport card too. Possessing the passport card will only allow you to travel to the (WHTI) or Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative whether by land or sea. The places that are included in the WHTI are the following: Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda, and Mexico. The passport card is a limited substitute of a passport booklet to prove that you are a US citizen. If you are going somewhere else, you need to get the passport booklet. You can also use the passport card when you travel by land or sea but not by air. This will require you to have a passport booklet. Explore more at this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/most-powerful-passports_us_58c03e77e4b0d1078ca32f44 about passport.
A passport card can be the best option for someone who frequently crosses borders. In fact, the passport is intended for the many Americans who live in border towns. The passport card often decreases the wait time experienced by travelers when crossing borders. You will be able to enjoy special features found in the card that can help protect you from forgery and identity theft, click here!  
Every card has an RFID chip that gives off radio frequency which can be read at the border. There is no personal information contained in the chip which should not concern the card owner. This chip is also found in credit and debit cards and the passport booklet. Often it is the price that makes people decide on the card though. The booklet costs around $100 compared to the card which only costs $40.
It is possible and in fact more practical to have both types of passports. If you are a regular traveler to the WHTI destinations and also foreign destinations, it is more useful for you have both types. This will help you become more flexible in choosing the passport which is best for the destination you are headed to. If you apply for both types at the same time, you will be given a significant discount, discover more here!